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The power of energy

Have a little faith…

Finding complete trust in someone or something is hard to do, especially if we’ve been let down in life before.

But without trust, we go through life with a defence shield. A guard that we put up to protect ourselves from being hurt. To protect ourselves from things that might not even happen, anyway!

What happens then? We stop ourselves from living our fullest life! We’re so busy shielding and protecting ourselves from this ‘potential pain’ that we can’t relax and enjoy our day-to-day experience.

For the last 3 months, I’ve been having weekly Skype sessions with a relationship coach. And oh boy has that helped me. I love how life always leads me to my next step, without me even knowing where I’m headed…

The big shave

I walked into a Brisbane hair salon a few months ago and asked them to shave my head. I was suffering from stress sores on my scalp and I had to do something about it.

The hairdresser who I’d entrusted to shave off all my hair called over the salon owner, and both of them said to me: “This is really extreme! A really bold move. Let’s just do it in stages”.

As experienced hairdressers, I put my faith in them and trusted that they’d do what was best for me. I felt that they cared about me, yet they didn’t even know me! That made me know I was in good hands.

I left the salon with half my head shaved.

I felt rebirthed

I walked out feeling amazing. Clean, fresh, and reborn. Oh, what a feeling it was. I will never forget how I felt that day!

It was like the old Sue had finally grown up and no longer cared about what others thought. An incredibly empowering feeling.

Imagine that, growing up at 51! Maybe I’m just a slow learner ;)

Back to the relationship coach…

So, while I was there at the salon, I met another lovely girl. She gave me the name of a relationship coach and recommended that I see them. When we open ourselves up to receive, we’re always led to exactly what we need.

And that’s exactly what I needed at that time.

This beautiful young relationship coach taught me how important it is to have a relationship with myself - not just with my partner. This seemingly small piece of advice helped me considerably. I would highly recommend this advice to any woman who has not yet practiced this in her life.

She encouraged me to go on a date with myself once a week, at the same time if possible. Ladies, if you have a partner, set aside this time and let them know that it’s your time!

And this is time to spend only with yourself - nobody else! Go for a long walk on the beach, or take yourself out to your favourite cafe. This is your time to set yourself up for having the best week ahead.

There’s nobody else, but you

We’re born in this world on our own, and we will leave it on our own. We must maintain our independence. Keep our individuality. Thrive on our own company.

A lot of women lose their independence when they get married and have children. They’re not to blame for this, and it happens for many reasons. We want to care for others and we place them before ourselves.

But when we lose our independence, insecurities eventually begin to arise. And then problems begin to come up, both within us and within our marriages.

When you’re being your best self, you share that with everyone.

And when you’re not being your best self - you’re also sharing that with everyone!

The power of energy

This isn’t rocket science! Energy is very real. Ever experienced awkward tension?

We cannot fake how we feel or the energy we project outwards. Our bodies are an indicator of our truth, and our bodies sure as hell can’t lie.

We walk tall when we feel happy and confident, and the opposite when we’re not feeling our best. When we’re out of balance, our body feels it. The tension and tightness pulls on our joints, creates less space for our lungs to expand, cramps our other organs, and depletes our energy.

I witness this everyday in my own yoga practice and also with the students I teach everyday as a yoga teacher.

You always feel better after a yoga class!

And why is that? Because after a yoga class, we have more Prana within us. More life force, vital energy, oxygen, chi - or even qi if you prefer it spelled that way!

Whatever you want to call it, this wonderful stuff heals us. It nourishes our cells, gives us strength, opens us up to receive, connects us with our soul (our inner teacher, the greatest teacher), and connects us with each other and our surroundings.

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