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Healing takes ACTION

Emotional healing, Ayurveda style, is all about taking ACTION.

It’s not enough to just identify your emotions, you need to take action and allocate a timeframe for doing so. Action can be in the form of affirmations that are recited at least once a day, at a consistent time and place.

In this post, I’ll share the Ayurvedic perspective of emotional healing and take you through the programme I have created for myself. 

I want to share my experience to encourage you to go on your own emotional healing journey. We are all in this together, and together, we are all stronger.

Step 1: What’s the emotion?

The first step in the Ayurvedic emotional healing program is to recognise the emotion that is affecting you. It may be one or it may be many - regardless, write them all down. 

Your emotions could be anything from anger, fear, frustration, and loneliness, to greed, worry, stress, or lack of self-esteem. Start with your major emotion and work your way down to other emotions. 

For me, my strongest emotion is fear: 

Fear of loneliness, Fear of not having the security of marriage, Fear of losing someone close to me, Fear and disappointment that my marriage is just another failed statistic, Fear of failing to live up to my daughters’ hopes and dreams of a marriage being a lifelong commitment. 

Step 2: Where does it come from?

The next thing we need to do is ask ourselves where the emotion comes from. Is it a fear of failure in class, in life, in business, or in a relationship?

I have already demonstrated above how I divided by emotion of fear into several different fears. The largest fear for me, out of them all, is fear of failure in my marriage. 

It’s not in my nature to give up. I am a person who perseveres and keeps going, and deep down, I have a disappointed feeling that I have failed myself. 

Even though it’s not my fault my marriage is falling apart, even though I am doing my best to make things work. That feeling is there.

Step 3: How can I work on it?

Then we need to ask ourselves, ‘How can I work on this emotion?’ 

The answer here should be the same for almost everyone. We need to heal our emotions one day at a time, and be around supporting, loving people who will help us on our journey. 

For me in particular, I need to create a fresh new vision of how our family can successfully work going forward. 

Hope always gives us a reason to live!

Here’s where I’m at

I have a desire to do things alone right now, to be on my own. 

There are so many resolutions, ideas, and actions I have in mind that I want to implement. All of these things that I believe will change and enhance me. 

To properly implement these actions, I need to be strong. And for that, I need to practice self-love and find peace. I need to give myself time to reflect and realise that my life is up to me.

I also find myself feeling tied to others who I feel are on similar journeys to me. Who are also trying to be more open, honest, and on the path of peace and love. 

Drama has no room in my life anymore. I’ve learned my lessons and have no desire to fall back into old patterns. 

Our life experiences should refine us and make us smarter. There are so many lessons we learn as a result of our experiences, and we need to apply these lessons to our lives so we can be an example for others. 

This is another one of the tasks I have assigned myself… to use and share my experiences to help others. 

Indulging in pain

You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again: life is only short. 

We need to start measuring how much time we’ll allow ourselves to dedicate towards misery. I know what you’re thinking… as if pain is an indulgence! Well, guess what? It is. There’s always a choice.

The pain can control you

I say there’s a choice, but I know that it is a difficult one. 

I’ve had this conflict exist within me for awhile now. Where I have felt scared of the changes and fearful of the unknown. 

That fear has kept me from living my life fully. It is the pain trying to control me and stop me from breaking free. And it can be so strong, that fear and that pain.

It made me question whether I even ‘want’ to live life so fully?

Do I even have the energy for that?

Is life even worth all that trouble?

Will the future really give me hope?

This underlines the social aspect of my life right now… the search for hope. 

Since the dawn of mankind, hope has given people a reason to live. 

That’s why I need to harness that energy and bring it forth. I need to keep hope alive in my life. 

Whether it’s praying to the altars or detaching like an atheist, it doesn’t matter. What matters is hope, and I feel that. I feel its energetic wave of output in every cell of my body. 

My advice to you

The best way that I know how to live is: 

Eat healthy, Sleep well,Exercise enough,Follow your passions,Don’t worry about what others think, and Claim your life as your own. 

Be good, and go through life knowing that we are bigger than any of our problems. 

That life goes on, that we are THAT lucky to be a part of it all. As crazy as a ride it may be sometimes. 

Here’s to life!

My emotional healing journey

The focus of my 31 day action plan is to redefine our family. 

I’ll share with you the Daily Affirmation I say during my meditation practice every morning. You can make one up for yourself that resonates with you and your needs at this point in time. 

I am whole and complete,

Just the way I am. 

The Universe will provide everything I need to be happy. 

I am love, and I am here to give love. 

Besides reciting this affirmation during my morning meditation, I also spend five minutes journalling at the end of each day. In my journal, I keep lists of everything that I am grateful for. 

Every day is different, but today I was most grateful for waking up and teaching my yoga class at 5:45am. I was grateful for all the knowledge I have gained over the last 18 months while studying Ayurveda, helping me to make delicious food as medicine. 

I am also forever grateful to the amazing team of teachers I work alongside everyday, and my daughter who helps me with marketing my business. I’m grateful for my family and beautiful pets, Wags and Tiger. They warm my heart and smother me in love.

The last thing I do before I go to bed is my nightly ritual of talking in the mirror. Sound a little crazy? Maybe, but it works!

This is one of the best things to do for a good night’s sleep and healthy emotions. Empty your mind, talk to yourself, and make sure you have a sound night’s sleep without that an internal dialogue going.

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